Back row (L to R): '-', Joseph R., Lekisha J., Linda L., Bob S., Louise F., & Bill N. (nice pose) Front row (L to R):Olympia V., Sonya C. & Lori C.

All the beautiful souls in Group 1 surrounded by happy spirits (orbs)at HOME* where we meditate almost every Sunday
* - I was told by Spirit that the Studio where we meditate every Sunday is HOME. This room has the energy portal to our New Earth which is now in the 5th dimension.

Traces of the 5th dimensional energy can be seen here. A control picture of the same fountain taken at almost the same time is shown below. This picture was taken when I was doing a workshop entitled Transition Teams with Steve Rother in Las Vegas, Nevada (Mar, 2008).

The energy in the picture is actually a healing modality that I know of, Ki Manna. Please see Ki Manna. This dimensional tool is enhanced in the presence of a body of water to transfer the energy. This starts from my left side from the pool and this energy builds up in the shape of a funnel and forms a vortex. This vortex is able to transfer some of the 5th dimensional energy to the 3rd dimension. Inside the vortex, the Ki Manna symbol (the shape of a flower) can be traced out. When this symbol vibrates to the power of eleven, it reaches the humanitarian vibration that transcends through
time and space.

QUOTE FROM AN ARTICLE IN WISDOM MAGAZINE (The Orb Phenomenon: Not So "Out There" Anymore; Feb. '08; pg 9)

It's not uncommon for dozens of Orbs to appear in a photograph where there is a happy or healing event taking place. Ledwith (author of The Orb project) says that Orbs will be drawn to people and places for a reason and that the more we control our brain and lower our frequency, the better chance they will choose to be seen.


Kundalini Awakening:
I met Kim when my wife signed us up for a Kundalini Awakening Workshop. I have to admit that I was somewhat skeptical, however, I went to the class with an open mind. During the first class she held her hand up to mine and asked if I could feel anything. I couldn't believe what I felt. It felt like electricity and she was not even touching me. During the Kundalini workshop, my wife and I, as well as many others that were in the group underwent many changes. After the initial class, my wife and I become very sick. After this experience, I become much more aware of how my thoughts and actions effected my world, and how important it is to be aware of what I do or think. In the class, she gave us many exercises to help us on our journey. She also recomends practicing yoga, meditation and a healthy diet. In one class, we stood in a circle and held our arms up. I could not believe how strong the energy was! It is very difficult for me to put what I have experienced with Kim in words. Kim is an incredibly generous and gifted teacher. She makes you feel at ease and understands what you are experiencing. On many ocassions she was able to answer my questions before I even asked them. I highly recommend Kim as a spiritual teacher/healer and I hope to continue to study with her. It has been an incredible experience.

Bill Jones
Chelsea, MA

The Kundalini healing meditation workshop has been very meaningful to me. I feel a strong resonance with all of the material and am finding the meditation (at home and in the workshop) to be very powerful.

Theresa St. John-Siegel
Newton, MA
Kim is a truly gifted individual who has the ability to connect with you by sharing her wisdom and experience. She provides guidance on your spiritual journey to connect with the Divine Source.
There are some people who you truly benefit from knowing and Kim certainly belongs in this category. She is a different maker who enriches those who are open-minded and enlightens those who are not. I strongly recommend everyone to sit in on one of her sessions and see for yourself.

Bob Sansone,
Everett, MA

Self-Healing Kundalini Class has been a great asset to my life. I was so concerned about being healthy physically, that I forgot about the mental stage. The class has helped me to understand the mental levels and techniques on how to remain balanced in challenging situations. Meditation is a daily part of my life and I will continue my path to spiritual enlightenment.

Olympia Valentine,
Newton, MA.

Thank you so much for conducting the Self-Healing Kundalini Classes - it was WONDERFUL!:) Even though I have been a student of metaphysics for many years, it has been some time since I have actually taken a class. One of the best things about it was working with such an amazingly congenial group of people. I know Spirit does the planning but this was an exceptionally enjoyable group! And each class held something new to take away and ponder.

The liver/kidney cleanse was an interesting experience and I am happy that I completed that as well. It was relatively easy and seeing those little "peas" was.....mmmmm, I would really have to say very satisfying:) Worth the effort for sure!:)
Thank you again for this wonderful experience and I look forward to the advanced class!

Dragonflies & moonbeams,
Louise Faucher

The self-healing kundalini class has been a joy.
Your healing class helped me to realize how important it is to continuously take the time to cleanse and heal all levels of one's mind, body and spirit. For this I am grateful. I felt empowered and at peace after leaving your class each week.

Thank you,
Linda Leith

I never gave much thought to taking a formal meditation class, but I'm glad I did with Kim Sim. Her gentle and caring spirit made being in her class a totally comfortable and relaxing experience. Her knowledge and approach brought clarity and understanding to a subject, Kundalini awakening and chakra opening, I used to give little credit and knew almost nothing about. I get it now! And I am clearer and lighter because of her class. Thanks, Kim!

Bill Noble

Metta-Bhavana Workshop - June, 2008(L to R): Olympia V., Joseph R., Danna C., Linda L., Louise F., & Leslie K.
Self-Healing Kundalini Course - last Group in MA - May, 2010 Seated(L to R): Bill J., Audeline E., Theresa S.J.S., Karyn J., Victoria B., Prasad K., Standing (L to R)Paula M., Patty C., & (absence: Ray P., Lori H., Mary G.)
May, 2010 : Enjoying group company for the last time in Macchu Pichu