Life Journey (1) - Living in the Moment

So many of us are so caught up with our daily life routine's that we fail to appreciate the quality of our moment-to-moment life. If we take each moment, be it a fraction of a second or a unit in time as a continuum, they will add up as a whole picture to make our entire life's journey. How many of us out there can say that we are happy most of the time? Very few. Most are not happy with their relationship, finances, friends, in-laws, family, career, looks, location, etc…and the list goes on. Not very many can say they are content with what they have and are happy to make the full effort on whatever resources that are given to them.

Of course life is full of ups and downs. The Sun doesn’t shine all the time. Sometimes we get rain but it doesn’t rain all the time either. Rain is a necessary part in nature because without rain, we will get droughts. The shower that falls from the sky helps to cleanse away the negative energy. One always feels refreshed breathing the air after a rainfall. In our human life, the analogy is the same. We get “rain” or sometimes a bigger version of the rain in the form of a “storm” may appear in our life every now and then. Those events might be viewed as “downs” by some people but if we look at it from a positive angle, they allow us to grow and move forward spirituality.

It is human nature to stay put in our comfort-zone with no interference, refusing changes that could bring us to greater heights. If we viewed each change that forces us out of our comfort zone as an opportunity, we could grab hold of that moment and make the best of it. Embrace changes without fear for they are the big steps in our adventure through our life journey. If we are not happy in any sectors of our life, we should not be afraid to make changes. If the results are not satisfactory, we can adjust and make changes again until we are happy. We always have the "freewill" to make choices to create a better life for ourselves. We are here to live in joy, so enjoy every moment of our life and let the changes assist us in moving forward to a more exciting life.

~k.l.sim '05